TOM LINGWOOD Theater designer

Tom LingwoodTOM LINGWOOD designed 13 productions for the Australian Opera  between 1970 and 1980, the most memorable to be the La Bohème was seen over 20 years period in virtually every opera theatre in Australia, large and small, which used set perspective to appear so much more expansive and solid than in fact was, and which at the same time had extraordordinary atmosphere.In 1989 The International Council of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences gave Tom an: "International Emmy Awards of outstanding Achievements in Performing Arts Programming"From 1995 Tom also was a teachter at NIDA in Sydney for a couple of years. Underneath a small collection of his costume and stage designs. 

1991 SwanLake Hungarian Princess (3)     1952 Oedipus "The King"     1977 Swanlake Queen Mother    

 1986 Hans and Gretel Dew Fairy (5)     1973 War and Peace prince Andrei  

1952 Egyptian Landscape      Courtesy of Leonard Joel and

                   1977 Tom Lingwwod for Neopolitan Cavelier in Anne Woolliams Swan Lake